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Pet dogs and cats are increasingly travelling with their owners, either temporarily or permanently, to foreign countries.

Pet passports were introduced as an alternative to quarantine for animals returning to the UK.

Pet Passports & Pet Travel

Whether for holidays or a permanent move to another country, our pets often move with us. Any travel to another country , with the possible exception of visits to the Republic of Ireland (Eire) requires some form of documentation. For travel to most European counties this means a pet passport. For up-to-date details of which countries are covered see the DEFRA website :

For other countries the requirements may be more complicated and will usually involve health certificate issued by DEFRA and an import permit for the destination country. The practice is fully accredited to issue Pet Passports and other export health certificates. It typically takes a month or so to complete the formalities and we recommend booking an appointment with one of our vets as soon as you know where you will be travelling even if you don’t know exactly when.

PET Passports issued under the pet travel scheme allow animals to travel within Europe and return to the UK. There was a major change to the rules in January 2012 which effectively abolished quarantine for most animals coming or returning to the UK.

Pet Passports

To be issued with a pet passport dogs cats and ferrets have to be micro-chipped and vaccinated against rabies at least 21 days before they travel issued with a passport

Passports are issued by one of the nominated vets within the practice.

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