Radiology & Imaging

Just like digital cameras, digital radiography allows very rapid production of very high resolution images of your pet.

This allows quicker diagnosis and the images are much more detailed.

Digital Radiography

Digital radiography often allows more subtle changes to be identified- for example, hair line cracks in bones. Radiography is used to determine problems within bones and joints, as well as the chest, stomach, bowel and urinary system. Some problems are easier to diagnose with an x-ray than with an ultrasound scan, so occasionally we need to do both tests. Usually animals need sedating for radiography as they need to be very still.

Ultrasound Scanner

Our colour-flow Doppler ultrasound machine allows us to look inside your pet and see the organs in real time. This can often be done without any sedation. This technique is ideal for looking at the abdominal organs and the heart. The colour-flow facility allows us to track the movement of blood within the heart and identify abnormalities.


Our flexible endoscopes allow us to look into your pet’s internal organs to help us make a diagnosis. This minimally invasive procedure can get us the answer to some problems without needing an operation. Animals need to be given a general anaesthetic for this procedure.


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