Terms of Business

Terms of Business

Thank you for using the services of Gatehouse Veterinary Group. Our aim is to provide you and your pet with extraordinary standards of service. This document aims to explain our terms of business.

 Surgery opening times:


Mon – Fri 8am till 8pm

Sat & Sun 8.30am – 5pm

Sat appointments 9am till 12.30pm

Sun appointments 11 till 12.30



Mon – Fri 8.00am till 7pm

Sat appointment 9am till 10am

Sun appointments closed



Mon – Fri 8am till 7pm

Sat appointment 11.30am till 12.30pm

Sun closed



Our main emergency facilities are located at the hospital, in Allerton, and is staffed by a nurse 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

There is normally at least one vet on site between 8am and 7pm and emergencies arriving without an appointment will be assessed as quickly as possible. Where treatment is not medically urgent they will be seen as soon as possible depending on the needs of other patients.

Nurses are on site 24hours a day to take care of your pets when they stay with us. They can be contacted out of hours on 01274 480031 Option 3.

Emergencies after 8pm are usually handled by Vets Now, who provide emergency care until the next morning when your pet will be transferred to us, your normal vets. Vets Now provide the equivalent of an A&E service for your pet. They are highly experienced at dealing with emergencies, and they are always available out of hours, either on the end of the phone to give free advice or to see your pet if required. Vets Now can be contacted on 01274 722721.


Second opinion and referrals

All referrals and second opinions are given a 30 minute appointment with the vet to discuss your case, examine your pet and discuss treatment options. These appointments must be booked in advance.

Simon Thomas is accredited as an RCVS Advanced Practitioner in Small Animal Orthopaedics.

Terry Croud has a particular interest in cardiology.



The practice is registered for VAT which is charged at the current rate on all fees, medicines, consumables and diets. A detailed written invoice is available for all charges incurred, and the separate cost of medicines.


Estimates of Costs of Treatment

We aim to provide a written estimate of the likely cost of a particular treatment, but please be aware that the final bill may vary because more or less treatment is required, complications may occur or because the full extent of treatment required is not apparent until treatment is started.


House Visits

House visits are available where it is necessary for the welfare of the animal or agreed between the client and the vet. They should be booked through the receptionist or the vet.



We are happy to provide prescriptions where requested, which may be obtained from another veterinary surgeon or pharmacy if required. However, prescriptions can only be issued after a full clinical assessment of the animal concerned, for which our normal charge is £32.95. The charge for a prescriptions is £20.00per item per six months. There is no prescription charge if the medication bought from us. The general policy of this practice is to re-assess an animal requiring repeat prescriptions every 3 to 6 months but this may vary with individual circumstances.


Methods of Payment

Itemised bills will be provided with every transaction. We accept payment in cash, by cheque or by the following credit or debit cards: – Visa, Visa Electron, Switch, Maestro, Solo, MasterCard and American Express. You can also pay on our website www.gatehousevets.com//paybill.


Settlement Terms

Fees are due for payment at the end of each consultation, when a patient is discharged from hospital after an inpatient procedure, or when medicine, diets or supplies are collected.

If we agree to defer payment we will require you to complete a delayed payment form and to confirm your identity including your address.

It is entirely the clients responsibility to make payments on time. If payments are not made as agreed on the delayed payments form, we may place the debt in the hands of a debt collection agency. If we do this an administration fee of £10 and a debt collection agency fee of 25% of the outstanding balance will be added to the clients account. Any legal or court fees incurred in the recovery of the debt will also be added to the clients account.

Any cheque returned as unpaid, any card payments not honored and any cash paid which turns out to be counterfeit will result in the original balance of the account being restored and any Bank or administration charges added.


Inability to Pay

If you are unable to pay your account in full, we require that you make this clear before treatment has commenced. We will then access what treatment we can give and what payment terms can be agreed. This usually requires approval by specified staff. 


Pet Health Insurance claims 

If your pet has insurance to cover the cost of veterinary treatment we want to make sorting out your claim as straightforward as possible.

Normally we ask that you pay in full for treatment at the time and then claim back the fees from your insurance company.

In some situations we may be able to claim the fees directly from your insurance company. We can only do this if you complete and sign a direct claim request form. To do this you will need to bring with you:

  • A completed and signed insurance claim form
  • Your current insurance policy document and certificate.
  • Confirmation of your identity including your address (e.g. a photo driving license)

If it is your first claim for a condition you will be required to pay for this treatment in full, which we will claim back for you.

It is the policy holders responsibility to read the terms and conditions of their insurance policy particularly any exclusions for pre-existing conditions or time limits.

To process a direct claim we require you to pay your insurance excess at the time of your first visit for that condition or into a new policy year.

We reserve the right to ask for full payment for insured animals and leave you to claim your costs back from your insurers.

Our standard charge for completing a claim form is £25.00 however this is normally waived provided all of the medicines claimed for are purchased from our practice.


Complaints and Standards

We hope you will never have cause to complain about the standard of service you receive from Gatehouse Veterinary Group, however should you have a complaint it should be directed to the practice manager louise.marshall@gatehousevets.com or in writing to the practice address. All complaints are carefully investigated.


Ownership of Records

Case records including notes, radiographs, photographs, laboratory results, ECGs and ultrasound scans are the property of and will be retained by Gatehouse Veterinary Group in accordance with ur data protection and privacy policy.Copies of the notes together with results of any tests or investigations will be given to a veterinary surgeon who is taking over a case.


Ownership of Radiographs and Similar Images and Recordings

The care given to your animal may involve the production of a variety of recordings and images. Even though we make a charge for carrying out these investigations and interpreting the results, ownership of the resulting image or record remains with the practice.


Return of unused drugs

We are happy to accept unused medications for disposal. For most items we are not allowed to resell them and therefore cannot refund the cost of items.


Variation of Terms

No addition or variation of these terms and conditions will bind the practice unless agreed by one of the partners in writing and signed. No agent or person employed by, or under contract with the practice has the authority to alter or vary these terms and conditions in any way.


By completing our new client registration form you agree to Gatehouse Veterinary Group Terms of Business



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