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Getting a new Kitten is exciting and sometimes daunting. We are here to help and all our qualified nurses have free Kitten consultations, whether you have just got your Kitten or thinking of getting one.

 During the nurse led Kitten clinics we can discuss equipment which you may need, what diet to feed, behaviour to ensure that you set off on the right foot and other issues such as fleas, worms, neutering and vaccination.

We look forward to meeting yo and your new arrival!

Cats, just like us have their own personalities and how confident or fearful you kitten is in adult life will be affected by what happens to them whilst they are a kitten.

Your kitten needs to experience being handled and different everyday things such as children, the vacuum cleaner, doorbells and anything else which is normal everyday life for you and now your new kitten.

the ISFM website offers lots of advise on how to choose a kitten and behaviour which is very helpful in these early stages of a kittens life.



Kittens need to be fed on a good quality kitten food but it is best to ask what the kitten is being fed on and then check with your vet that this is adequate for your kitten. If you need to change your kittens food you need to do this gradually.

ID Chips

Ensuring that your kitten is chipped is vital, as we all know how curious cats are! We offer a special vaccination and chip package which also includes a free health check, worm treatment and four weeks free insurance.


Insurance can give you peace of mind about payment if anything should occur. We recommend Petplan ( and any of our qualified nurses can help you with this.

what equipment will you need?

  • A litter box. Even if you intend for your cat to go outside, whilst it is a kitten you will need to provide a litter tray. Your litter tray needs to have lots of space for your cat to move around and ideally an exit and entrance point.  It also should be positioned away from food and water and not near a cat flap.
  • A bed.
  • Safe place. Cats like to have high places to go to get away from things and feel safe.
  • Cat carrier. You will need this to take your kitten to the vets for vaccinations and anything else which is needed. The carrier needs to be strong, safe and you should be able clean it easily. Ideally the carrier should be able to be opened from the top as this way the vet can perform a simple examination whilst your cat is still comfortable and feeling safe in its basket.
  • scratch post. This is so that your cat can sharpen its claws and mark its territory.
  • Toys. cats love toys and helps you bon and interact with them.

We are a gold friendly cat practice. So please book an appointment with any of our nursing team who will be able to go through all aspects of feline behaviour and basic health.

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