Rabbit Enrichment

Rabbits should be able to exhibit normal behaviour which includes foraging, digging, climbing and chewing.


Pellets should make a small portion of the diet, they can be scattered into the rabbits environment to allow for foraging. 2 tablespoons of fruit a day and 5-6 portions a day of vegetables and herbs can also be scattered into the rabbits enclosure into the hay to allow the rabbit to dig and forage. This natural behaviour can also help to prevent boredom.


Digging is a natural behaviour seen by rabbits in the wild. This type of behaviour should be encouraged as it keeps claws worn down and burns off calories to keep the rabbit at an ideal weight. Digging areas can be created using a large plastic dog bed or litter tray filled with soil or compost.


Chewing is important as it provides ware to the open rooted teeth and stimulates gut movement. Rabbits spend most of their day chewing in the wild and this behaviour should be allowed for in a domestic environment.

  • Hay can be offered in a variety of ways such as, stuffed into a toilet roll tube and placed into a paper bag.
  • Willow can be used to create balls and other shapes which rabbits can chew and play with.
  • Apple twigs and leaves can be scattered into the enclosure to provide the rabbit with chewing materials.

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