Neutering your dog


What is neutering:

In the male, this is called castration and involves removing both testicles. You pet would be admitted for the day.

In the female, the operation is commonly called spaying, and both ovaries and the womb are removed.


Why do we recommend neutering the male dog?

In the older dog, testicular tumours, anal tumours and disease of the prostate gland are common. Castration is a valuable preventative measure against these problems. Castration is also performed to reduce problems such as wandering, aggression, hypersexual and territorial behaviour.


Why do we recommend neutering your young bitch?

As well as preventing unwanted litters, spaying provides some practical and health benefits. Your pet will no longer have seasons, future life threatening diseases of the womb such as pyometra and cancer will be prevented and the risk of mammary tumours will be very much reduced.


What age do we recommend neutering?

Males can be neutered from 5-6 months of age.

Females can be neutered from 6 months of age. In the vast majority of cases we recommend neutering before the first season.


Are there any disadvantages of neutering?

Neutering is a surgical procedure so it involves an anaesthetic, however in a young healthy animal these risks are small.

Neutered animals have a reduced metabolic rate and therefore there may be a tendency to put on weight. One of our healthcare nurses would be happy to discuss diet and regular weight check with a nurse is recommended.

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