Feline dental care

Periodontal or gum disease caused by the build-up of plaque and tartar, has become the number-one health problem for cats. With your help, your cat can have healthy teeth and gums throughout their lives.



How to keep your cat’s teeth healthy

To keep your cat’s teeth healthy, you simply need to provide them with a few things;

  • A nutritious diet
  • Chew treats
  • Regular brushing at home
  • Twice yearly dental checkups

The best food for your cat’s teeth

Feeding your cat a dry food rather than a canned one will, through its mild abrasive action on the teeth, help remove the bacterial plaque that can harden into tartar. Dry food also provides adequate chewing exercise and gum stimulation. We may recommend the use of a dental diet, which is a specially formulated dry biscuit designed to reduce plaque and tartar build-up, especially if your cat is prone to dental problems.

Cats also need to have their teeth brushed in order to eliminate the dental plaque. Please make an appointment with one of our nurses who will go through this with you or give you advice on other means of cleaning your cat’s teeth if brushing is not an option.

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