Help, fireworks!

Remember, Remember….


It’s that time of year again! Fireworks can be very frightening for pets. At best they may run under the bed, at worst, they could run into danger. Some pets have serious firework phobias and in these cases we strongly recommend you see one of our vets as we can help manage the situation and reduce the stress to both you and your pet. There are many products on the market aimed at reducing the impact of fireworks and we can help guide you through the maze!

For all pet owners, it may be helpful to consider the following:

Be prepared:

Plan in advance, from cancelling that night out to sound-desensitisation CDs, all these things require a bit of forethought!

Keep them safe:

Close the doors and windows and draw the curtains. If you are returning home from work and the fireworks have already started, open the door very carefully.

Help them hide:

Provide a safe place with a favourite bed or toy. Cats often like boxes high up, dogs may shelter in their crate or under the stairs. Plug-ins such as Adaptil™, Feliway™ and Pet RemedyTM can sometimes help. Information on Adaptil, Feliway and Pet Remedy can be found at

Be at home:

You are the security in your pet’s life. Comfort them if appropriate. Although it is sensible to try to ignore undesirable behaviours, if your pet is petrified and needs you to hold them and reassure them, please do! Equally, if they need space, give it!

And remember, you are not alone! Please don’t hesitate to call us, that’s what we are here for.

you can find two helpful videos here:



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POSTED BY Louise Marshall
ON 18th October 2016
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