COVID-19 update 29th March 2020

Hello Everyone!

It’s been a busy week, as many of you are already aware, we are not providing the same type of service at the moment. As with any change, it takes a little getting used to, both by our staff as well as by you.

Here is a summary of what to expect, we hope it is helpful.

* Our Bingley and Haworth branches are closed. ALL appointments and procedures at these branches are cancelled until further notice. We are doing our best to contact individuals to rearrange.

* ALL enquiries, medications and emergency treatments are being processed by our team at the Allerton Hospital. This has effectively tripled the workload but we do not have the luxury of having triple the staff. Please be mindful of this. We are all working extremely hard to keep the hospital open and look after our clients and patients the best we can.

* You MUST call the surgery before coming (please do not use our online booking at present). This is for two reasons:

  • Any travel must be justified and essential and we can help you make that decision. We can only see emergencies and urgent cases (please call to discuss our policy on vaccination of young animals) and may offer a video consultation.
  • If it is necessary for you to come to the surgery, either for an appointment or to collect medication, we can advise on the most practical time.

* Please try to call earlier in the day where possible. Our appointment times are approximately 9.30am -12.30pm and 4.30pm – 6pm.

* We need 48 hours notice to process repeat prescriptions and there are some items that take a little longer to get in stock. Please call the surgery before coming to collect these.

* If you come to the hospital you CANNOT enter the building. Please ensure you bring your mobile phone to inform us of your arrival.

* If you are self-isolating, you will need to make arrangements for someone else to come to the surgery.

From all of us at Gatehouse vets, thank you.

POSTED BY Louise Marshall
ON 29th March 2020
01274 480031