Having you cat’s blood pressure checked could save their life – and it is easy to do!

It might come as a surprise, but older cats often get high blood pressure. Untreated they may go blind or suffer a stroke or deteriorating kidney function.

As a vet, I have often seen the results of high blood pressure. . The trouble is, until recently it was very difficult to measure cats’ blood pressure. The first generation of blood pressure machines for cats were very difficult to use, as I found out when I tried our first one out on my own cats about six years ago. Of the three cat’s at home, only one really tolerated the fiddly procedure, and even then the results were inconsistent.

Stalwart work in several universities has shown the need to address high blood pressure in cats, and now we have the equipment to do so much more easily. To measure blood pressure we simply wind a Velcro cuff loosely round the base of the cat’s tail and pop them back in their basket and press the button. Each reading takes about 10 seconds and were usually take three or five readings to make sure the cat is relaxed and we are getting a true reading. We have installed the new machines in each of our surgeries. We plan to offer blood pressure checks to all cats over ten years old.

Sometimes high blood pressure is the result of an underlying disease like heart or kidney disease, sometimes it just happens. Without treatment it is common for cats to develop a detached retina or have a bleed inside their eye. Less commonly they may have a stroke.

If treatment is started promptly even cats who have had damage to their eye or brain can be helped but prevention is better than cure.


We would like to invite any cat over the age of 10 years old to book a FREE blood pressure check with one of our qualified nurses, at your local branch.

POSTED BY Louise Marshall
ON 8th November 2016
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